M MOLOKAI SURF Official Molokai Button up Slim Fit Hawaiian Short Sleeve Shirts

  • Official Molokai shirts. With over 50 designs to choose from, Molokai Surf is your one stop shop for all your summer apparel shirts!
  • Direct from factory. FREE shipping and returns within the USA.
  • Sizes M-XXL available. However, some styles do run small so if you are deciding which size to pick, it's best to go up one size.
  • 100% cotton on most shirts. All one color shirts are polyester and cotton mix. To be more specific: Arrows, Skulls and Bones, Fish Bones, Navy Shark, Geo-Squares, Lobsters (Grey), Sushi, Paper Airplanes, Airplanes, Cactus (Grey), and Cactus (Pink) are polyester and cotton mix. All others that are mostly colorful are cotton.
  • XXL too small? We also have big styles! Search: 'Molokai big size shirts' in Amazon you'll find it. Be sure to check out our other items including matching swim trunks, cotton shorts, hybrid shorts, board shorts, and more!
Due to popular demand, Molokai shirts are now being sold on Amazon! These short sleeve button up shirts for any occasion and can be worn on a casual day or a night out with friends. Shirts include dozens of styles and fit comfortably. Shirt includes a chest pocket with a 2 button collar and 7 front buttons. Almost all shirts are made of cotton, though there are a few made from polyester as well. Shirts can be easily machine washed. We've included dozens of designs to choose from and will ship immediately once the order is placed. Be sure to check out our other items including swim trunks, boardshorts, shirts for women, and more.
Flying Flamingo
Floral ( Red And Purple)
Floral ( Blue And Red)
Flamingos ( Grey)
Flamingos ( Blue)
Flamingo Hibiscus
Fish Bones ( Large)
Two Color ( Blue)
Stripes ( Blue)
Stripes ( Beige)
Solid Grey
Lime And Tequila
Cactus ( Pink)
Cactus ( Grey)
Birds Of Paradise
Aztec ( Black And Grey)
Anchors ( White)
Anchors ( Grey)
Anchors ( Blue)
Fish Bones
Geo Squares
Hibiscus ( Blue)
Ice Cream
Lobsters ( White)
Palm Trees ( Grey)
Pink And Grey
Pizzas ( Black)
Pizzas ( White)
Sharks ( Grey)
Sharks ( Navy)
Tuna ( Black)
Tuna ( White)
Aztec Pocket
Lobsters ( Grey)
Two Color ( Grey)
Watermelons ( Black)
Watermelons ( Blue)